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Celebrating the world’s flavors, from A to Z

Meet the books for kids (and grownups!) hungry for more diversity in the ABCs.

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Freebie Activity

A little guide for little foodies

Tasting Chinatown (in real life!) is fun for the whole family. Here are some of our favorite eats in Manhattan’s Chinatown. Print, color, visit, enjoy!

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Vibrant flavors deserve vibrant pages 🌶

Drool alert 🤤_Packed with color, rhymes, and (seriously) fun facts…these are kid books you’ll actually want to read.

Big letters, big mission

Hi! We’re Ashley and Jeffrey. Two ABCs—American Born Chinesewho fell in love with food (and each other)!

We created The ABC Digest to get kids excited about celebrating the world’s cultures and foods. Designed from scratch and infused with our own flair, you won’t find any books like these out there.

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Tasting Chinatown, Available Now!

صحتين, bon appetit, 맛 있게 먹 을 게, buon appetito, 吃饭了!

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