The ABCs never tasted this good.

Mmm. Meet the books for kids (and grownups!) hungry for a more flavorful take on the traditional alphabet.

Because yes, A is for Apple. But how bland would the world be without Arancini. Adobo. Adzuki. Ahi. Anise. Achacha. And dare we say: Avocado toast?!


Coming Summer 2022

A fresh, more flavorful take on the alphabet 🌶

Inspired by the world’s cuisines, The ABC Digest (pun!) celebrates vibrant ingredients and dishes from A to Z.

In Tasting Chinatown, the first in the collection, big block letters give way to colorful, yet modern renditions of bubble tea, kumquats, and zongzi, accompanied by rollicking rhymes and fun-fact-filled descriptions.

R is for Representation

Time and time again, food is the universal love language that offers us an invitation to authentically connect and learn about each other. We’re on a quest to use this language to share and celebrate diverse stories, beautifully. Join us!
Coming soon: Tasting Little Italy, Tasting Little Manila, Tasting Little Tokyo, and more!

The ABCs, by ABCs*

Hi! We’re the Chan(g)s, hubby and wifey, with quite an overlap in last names. Ashley holds the proverbial pen. Jeff, the sketching stylus. We both love to explore the world, one dish at a time (this year from our Brooklyn kitchen).

We looked everywhere for A to Z books us ABCs (*American Born Chinese) could relate to, to no avail. So, we decided to do something about it!

We’re on a mission to inspire young foodies to keep an open mind, heart...and appetite! To think positively about the unfamiliar, try new foods, and life lesson spoiler alert: say YES to new A is for Adventures.


Coming Summer 2022

Please reach out with ideas, partnership opportunities, or your favorite food (and letter)!

صحتين, bon appetit, 맛 있게 먹 을 게, buon appetito, 吃饭了!